Structural Engineering is the primary service Potential Engineering, PC provides to its clients. Using the state-of-the art software, such as STAAD PRO and Tekla Structures, coupled with our extensive experience, Potential Engineering, PC delivers high quality projects, competitively, efficiently, and cost effectively.

We are well versed in the use of steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, masonry, light-gauge metals, fabric structures and even high tech materials such as titanium. Our structural engineers understand the interactions between different disciplines to accomplish a task and complete a project. Our services extend to assisting the architect's and owners needs to evaluate performance and remain within budget.

Our experts can anticipate issues before mistakes occur. Many of these issues are architectural in nature. For example, we often review the architect’s details to offer a fresh perspective on the system and how it may perform or effect the contractors workflow.

Clients - Private Corporations, Government Agencies, Individual Owners, Public Foundations. 

Design Services - Towers, Buildings, Warehouses, Large Assembly Structures. Exterior Envelope Paneling, Specialty Structures, Foundations, Parking Structures, Solar Panel Framing Design and Shop Drawings. 

Project Budgets - $ 50,000 to $ 6 Million USD