Millenium Toyota Structural Design & Support Services Ongoing by Allen Ghaida

Early framing for Toyota's 12 million dollar, 100,000 square foot dealership

Early framing for Toyota's 12 million dollar, 100,000 square foot dealership

The structural design and construction support services for the new three (3) level sales and service building was completely performed by Potential Engineering PC. The underground level (service area) has a footprint of over 100,000 square feet with multiple access ramps and car wash area.

The two level sales and office areas above includes a showroom, customer, ticketing, and office areas. The exterior parking deck includes multiple ramps to provide access to the three (3) streets at the property line. The construction support services included generating the shop drawings for the structural steel, special inspections for steel framing, high-strength bolting and welding.

The shop drawing preparation included sequencing and phasing during erection, bill of material, CNC files for fabrication, erection, assembly and single parts drawings. High-density insulation used in the design of the deck slab to accommodate. not only the required capacity due to traffic loading, but the energy requirements for the building envelope.

Long-Term Care Facility Completed by Allen Ghaida

The Roosevelt Long Term Facility is a three (3)-Story with a basement, 110,000 square feet building constructed in Edison, NJ. Potential Engineering PC (PE) conducted the construction support services during the construction of the steel frame and masonry shear wall facility.

The services provided included modeling of the structure, the design of the steel frame connection, generate erection and assembly shop drawings for the structural steel and light gauge walls, mansard, and portal frames.

In the process, PE prepared design modules for the connection design which is applicable to any similar project. The design modules were developed to meet the requirements of AISC. During erection, PE worked closely with contractor in phasing the steel fabrication, shipment to site, and crane pick location. The operations were performed smoothly without any mentionable glitches.

American Airlines Terminal structural shop drawing detailed by Allen Ghaida

In progress work generated from PE shop drawings

In progress work generated from PE shop drawings

American Airlines Terminals had undergone phased construction extension at JFK Airport in New York. The scope of work undertook by Potential Engineering PC in the process was the design development of shop drawings for a sixty (60) feet high temporary wall and framing for mezzanine area.

The temporary wall was part of a phased construction. Subsequently, the wall remained and became permanent. The mezzanine framing consisted of light gauge material with elaborate built-up columns.

The modeled truss wall, sub-framing, and wall panels including connections/attachments were designed and analyzed to meet NYC Building Code and American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) requirements including buckling analysis.  

The construction support services included the preparation of detailed shop drawings and performing special inspections to ensure proper execution of the intended design and construction.